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If an infinity sign is ∞, and an eight is ∞ turned to become 8, then 8 must be a magic number.
I miss being 8.

I have pets now! Addie is frustrated and happy, too. She doesn't like the extra cleaning, but Twiggy is so cute, thank you, Jhieno, I love her forever. And I have an edmontosaurus, her name is Lassie, and she eats my vegetables! And she SQUEAKS. Like a duckling!

I took her to school with me yesterday. She wasn't very quiet, but I took a squeaky chair and told my teacher I had too much sugar for breakfast, and it was okay. (Too much sugar doesn't exist, though.) I wanted to get her home quickly so I could play, but... stuff happened.
I don't like high school boys, they're mean. I can't wait to be a freshman so I can kick them around, too.
Tags: family, lassie and twiggy and enrique, people are mean sometimes, pets, school, xurxo
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