mininfinite (mininfinite) wrote,

∞9 Bored~~ [voice post]

[The audio starts with the sounds of paper rustling noisily, as if someone is pawing through it, or walking over it.]
Lassie, no! Lassie, come here, you little... [Muted scuffling noises.] Bad girl! [A squeak.] Now I have to redo it.
Do you think my teacher would believe me if I said my dinosaur ate my homework? Cause she did. [sigh.] Addie hasn't been very much fun to be around lately. She's really worried about something, but she won't tell me what, and she won't let me in her head. Someone should ask her about it. ... Has she posted something about it? I'm not allowed on her journal.

School is fun. I feel like I hafta talk a lot, since this is a voice post, but I don't have enough to say. I'm bored. The bad weather isn't very good for flying or being outside, cause it's been raining so much, but the weatherman says it should snow soon. I can't wait! I love snow. It's the best when it snows on my birthday, which it always does, because then I can play in the snow all day and make really pretty statues and things and mom always makes... [Trails off.] Now I miss my mom. I'm not very good at these, they make me sad.

[Squeaking.] Huh?... No, Lassie, that's my vocab homework! [More scuffling noises, squeaking.] I think she's hungry. I know she doesn't actually get hungry, but I think she's hungry anyway. I'm going to go feed her some lettuce and see if Addie made cookies. And bring Ziggy in here, she's lonely.
Tags: !voicepost, addie, family, lassie and twiggy and enrique, school
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